Simulation Unit

Profession Focus (PFocus) is investing to develop its infrastructure for the best interest of the students. As a part of that PFcous has installed a dental surgery simulation unit in its training centre.

What is it?

Simulating unit simulates a dental surgery environment with manikin (dummy head), relevant instruments and other dental materials (no treatment procedures will be performed on real patients at PFocus).

What is the simulation for?

Many trainee dental nurses are new to dental surgical environment. At times they feel tensed assisting a dentist or facing patients for the first time. The simulation unit helps a trainee dental nurse to understand the roles and responsibilities of a dental nurse while assisting a dentist. This simulation provides a platform for the students to practice well ahead before they enter into in a dental surgery. In short the students become familiar with most of the basic activities that are to be performed in a dental surgery as a dental nurse.

What it involves?

Assisting a dentist (assuming your tutor as a dentist and simulation unit lab as a dental surgery) practicing on dummy models, mixing filling materials, identifying the instruments, maintenance of hand pieces, maintaining the simulated clinical environment.

Does it involve training in sterilisation procedure?

Basic training will be provided on disinfection and sterilisation. We liaise with the dental surgeries/ employers to make sure that you are trained in these aspects. This simulation unit is basically focuses on basic procedures a dental nurse will perform in a dental surgery.

When this training will be provided?

Normally this will be provided on 3rd week of their training period at PFocus.