Certificate in Impression taking for Dental Nurses

Impression taking course is increasingly becoming popular which enables registered dental nurses to acquire additional skills. The GDC Scope of Dental Professionals allows dental nurses to take impressions under the prescription of a dentist. We, at Profession Focus, make you more confident and competent with extended support which we have been delivering in running NEBDN courses for the past few years.

How much is the course fee?

£ 120

For what that type of appliances making I can take impressions (aim of the course)?

After completing the course you will be competent in taking impression for the following

What I learn during the course (learning objectives)?

You learn various aspects complying with the GDC standards. These include

How I will be taught?

Is the Record of Experience similar to my Diploma in Dental Nursing once?

In a way it is similar however it is paper based where you will guided in the class how to complete this. Your dentist or clinical dental technician should be your witness or mentor with an access to at least 10 patients (6 dentate patients, 2 edentulous patients, 2 child patients) for impression taking.

You must complete the course in 5-6 months time.

What will I be awarded at the end of the course?

What are entry requirements?