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Oral Health Education

Oral Health Education is a qualification best suited for dental nurses who would provide oral health advice to patience under the supervision of a dentist

The curriculum for the course, approved by NEBDN, will enhance the dental nursing skill to describe, explain and demonstrate the oral health advice in the best possible way to Patient.

Entry requirements

  • Be registered with general dental council
  • Support of employing dentist to act as supervisor for work place activities to complete ROE.
  • Must be 18 years or above.

Course fee

£485 (Excludes NEBDN Exam & ROE FEE)

Course start date


Course content

The course is designed to enable dental nurses to provide oral health advice to the patients in their working environment or to raise awareness on oral health education to targeted groups.

The course covers: the principle of oral health education and the best instructional techniques to promote oral health.

The course requires candidate to complete the ROE, which contains practical experience record sheet (PERS), Case studies & short exhibition. To complete the ROE students are required to see 10 patients and provide oral health advice on different topics. These patients must be seen atleast twice by the student and each session much be recorded. These sessions must be supervised and appropriate feedback must be given. The 10 patients chosen should include variety of patients types to build the student knowledge of providing the oral health advice instructions to different groups.

The student must choose 2 out of 10 patients to expand into case studies of 2000 words.

Students are also required to demonstrate their competence in planning a exhibition.

The Student would require 90 min MCQ & EMCQ's written examination

NEBDN Course prospectus

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